How to Uninstall SudokuFix?

How to uninstall SudokuFix completely from your computer? What’s the best way to uninstall SudokuFix? Why I’ve uninstalled SudokuFix but left-over files are still found in my computer? Such kinds of questions are hunted everyday on the Internet because SudokuFix is such a popular game in the world wide sense. People would like to uninstall SudokuFix from their computer because they are in need of more hard disc spaces, want to try another game, SudokuFix crashed or some other reasons else; if you are in those situation and want to uninstall SudokuFix now, you could learn how to uninstall SudokuFix right here.

When Do You Need to Uninstall SudokuFix?

  • When SudokuFix Crashes. Windows would warn you by saying “your game have some sort of installation issue” or such kind of words when SudokuFix crashes. In this situation, you’d better remove SudokuFix completely and then reinstall it.
  • When you need more space for hard disc. SudokuFix takes a big space in the hard disc. If SudokuFix is not necessary for you, it’s a good choice to save hard disc space by removing it.
  • When you want to try another new game.
  • When you run SudokuFix, obscure error messages appear.
  • The file associations of SudokuFix have become invalid due to Trojan attacks.

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How to Uninstall SudokuFix Manually?

Method 1: Uninstall SudokuFix by using Windows Add/Remove Program list.

Windows Add/Remove Program is a useful utility when it comes to uninstall or remove programs from computers, and it’s easy to handle even you are computer newbie.

1. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del to call out Windows Task Manager, find out SudokuFix.exe process and end it.

2. Click Start, go to Control Panel, and then click Add/Remove Program

3. Find out SudokuFix in the currently installed program list, click Remove.

4. Follow the removing instruction to finish removal.

5. Reboot your PC after the removal complete.

Notice: By performing all process mentioned above, it will delete most part of SudokuFix, but there are still let-over files in your computer. To delete all left-over files, locate C:\Program Files in My Computer and look for all the files that SudokuFix left, and then delete all of them permanently. Sometimes you would find Windows Task manager could not end the running process thus it makes the removal unsuccessful. Also, please check the hard disc or the folder where SudokuFix located in after removal finish. If you find some files left, delete it; but you could fail to delete these files due to system problem.

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Method 2: Uninstall SudokuFix by using built-in uninstaller program.

Most software has its own built-in uninstaller program. You could find it in the folder where it has been installed in.

1. Click Start, go to All programs and find the directory of SudokuFix.

2. In the directory of SudokuFix, you’ll see Uninstall SudokuFix item, click it.

3. Follow the instruction to remove SudokuFix from your computer.

4. Reboot the computer after removal finish.

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Method 3: Uninstall SudokuFix by Mighty Uninstaller

Benefits of Mighty Uninstaller

* It is faster than windows add/remove programs.
* It can uninstall broken and hidden programs.
* It offers function to forcibly uninstall stubborn software.
* It can clean up leftover in registry.
* The interface of Mighty Uninstaller is user-friendly and the hints are easy to understand.
* It is supported by windows XP, windows Vista as well as windows 7.
* It provides additional functions for PC management, like startup optimization.
* Its customer support is excellent.
* It shows detailed information of the programs in the system.
* It can safely uninstall software without causing system crashes.

Note: Some of the advantages are not unique to Mighty Uninstaller.

Please follow easy steps as below to uninstall SudokuFix safely and compeltely.

1. Free download Mighty Uninstaller.

2. Launch it after a setup.

3. Highlight the software in a “Display Name” list as well as click “Uninstall” to precede this un-installation.

4. Follow on-screen steps to finish this SudokuFix removal.

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Moreover, you can force uninstall SudokuFix or any other programs with this function of Mighty Uninstaller

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