How to Uninstall Maxthon

I found that there were many bugs appear when I am using Maxthon, so I really wanted to uninstall it. However, I did actually, but I found it left some files and folders or other data even I had uninstalled it from control panel. Should I find and delete them one by one? Or just download some cleaner? Any suggestion?


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About Maxthon

Maxthon is a browser application. Being a web browser might seem like the obvious thing to do, but this application goes beyond simply providing application for windows, it also has a version for Android since it belongs to one of the highest rated browsers for Android today. Since the day it is developed and promoted, it has over 600 million total web browser downloads all over the world. This is a fast, secure, easy to use application which is driven by technology that scores top honors for HTML 5 support. There is a best browser competition and it is the winner of’s best browser award for 3 consecutive years. With the unique, innovative dual-core design that uses both Webkit and Trident, Maxthon provides users a safe and efficient browsing experience. What is more, it first-place HTML 5 support and ‘out of the box’ features make you can not get anywhere else as it frees you to share and send files among different devices and platforms easily and quickly. Unlike the normal web browser, this web browser is a kind of cloud browser that gives users a while range of great customizable features.






By using it Maxthon Cloud Services, users can manage cloud syncs account, including favorites, settings and magic fill data as well as other devices easily. The clean and professional design makes it easy on the eyes reading and let users easy to vies articles by adjusting font sizes and removing ads and other distractions. The night code help user improve the reading by adjusting the brightness of the screen for low light reading. No matter what kind of extension users want to install, extensions are easy to install and manage with just one click. If users want to capture a screenshot of web page, just click the camera button in the toolbar, then the capture will be saved easily and quickly. The most convenient thing is that users are able to save and access text notes anywhere and anytime they want and they are both available across Windows and Android. Finally, about the pop up ads, users are capable of removing all annoying ads through Adblock Plus. To support websites and free content, a few unobtrusive ads are unblocked by default. This can be easily disabled in the settings.



Development and History of Maxthon

2011- Maxthon forges new distribution partnerships with Fuhu and Kingston.
2011- Maxthon Android Browser for Tablets is released.
2010- Maxthon for Android reinvents touch screen mobile browsing. Maxthon browser reaches 500,000,000 downloads.
2009- Maxthon 3 for desktop debuts and is chosen to appear on the European ´browser ballot´ screen.
2007- Maxthon becomes the first browser to offer sandboxed tabs for added security. Maxthon wins its second Webware 100 Award, defeating all other browsers.
2006- Maxthon partners with Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Yandex.
2005- Maxthon becomes the first browser to offer cloud-based services for syncing bookmarks and history.
2004- MyIE2 becomes Maxthon, expanding the public’s expectations of the true power of an innovative browser.
2003- MyIE2 redefines browsing.

The Reason Why Users Want to Uninstall Maxthon

As there will not be a perfect application which does not have any bugs or pros, so there still have many users who complain about its uselessness and inconveniences. When go to its forum, we can see many complains posted by users. Questions include why the browsing page does not load property and why the second cloud option has been removed, or unsupported browser and search error on Google. Users also report many bugs like “can not go into full screen Maxthon Mac”, “created folders in speeddial are missing” and “websites does not look well like on other web browsers”. So, how do users get our of this vicious cycle? Many users choose to uninstall it since it is not as useful and convenient as it states to be. Then once we want to clean computer, what should we do? Not by adding something useless for computer. But by uninstalling some unnecessary from system.

The Installation of Maxthon

Go to its official website, the we may see a large promotion ad, click the download button. When go to the install window, select location. Once we install a new program, we should always check its bundles and additives it brings to computer. Some program will show users what other additional items it brings to computer, but others will not. Take this program as example, it list what additional programs or shortcuts will be installed at the sametime, including desktop shortcut, start menu shortcut, taskbar shortcut and it will be set as default browser if we tick related option.



third party



Additionally, click the “end users license and agreement”, there will be some information which tells the installation of third parties and the responsibility of owners. However, according to the fact, even it says the third parties will be installed when users install this program, and the third parties will be listed during the installation, the exact third parties are not listed actually. Users only realize them till the installation is finished.



Additives Come with Maxthon

1.Adblock Plus

Since Maxthon is a browser, then it can be possible that users will annoying pop up ads once use it to search. Then it needs to protect users from being annoyed by ads. 1.Adblock Plus is a famous and professional tool to avoid ads, but it is not necessary for everyone and it even has not mentioned its download and installation once users install Maxthon. That will make users have a bad impression.


adblock plus



2.Maxthon App Store
This is a application that developed by the same promoter as Maxthon. It provides lots of software to users for download. What is more, this tool can be still used for software updates.



Maxthon app store




Even Maxthon is not a illegal application and it does offer many functions, some users still regard it to be unnecessary. To keep it or not, that is the question. When it comes to some users, it depends on whether it is necessary or not. However, if you want to keep it, just keep, if you want to uninstall it, please follow the removal guide below:


How to Uninstall Maxthon

Step one. Uninstall program from system
Step two. Remove relevant files and folders
Step three. Locate and clean registry entries


Note: the manual removal method is difficult and complicated, do not try it if you are not a computer experts or experienced users who have required skills. For inexperienced users, please click to download Perfect Uninstaller below.


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Perfect Uninstaller is an effective uninstaller which has captured much of the territory of computer and is now responsible for many computer users around the world. It helps to uninstall unwanted and malicious programs like potential unwanted programs, adware and risky software that might threaten your computer. No matter how aggressive and stubborn the program is, you can uninstall it completely through “force uninstall”. If you only want to uninstall program, then you can use the free version to do it. However, you can experience the full functions as back up, registry clean and system clean after buying the full version.

Uninstall Maxthon by Using Perfect Uninstaller

Click the download button below to download Perfect Uninstaller

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Follow the install steps one by one. The install steps will takes a few seconds as it shows many details and settings for you to choose. For your computer safety, do read the terms of use carefully.

Once the installation is completed, run Uninstaller, it scans the entire computer and lists all installed programs for you to manage. Scan all of them and find Maxthon in list. Do note forgive there is still a program named Maxthon App Store needs to uninstall, too


Manual Removal Method

Step one. Uninstall program from system

The first thing you need to do is to open programs list on computer. Then you are able to check all installed programs on computer. But sometomes, some nasty programs will hide their applications and make them invisible in programs list, and this is the most terrible thing once a installed program can not be found in lsit.

To open programs list:

For window 8/10 users:
Click the lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” option and then continually choose “programs and features” option from list. (or only choose “control panel” if you are under classify view)





For window 7/Vista users:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “start” button and select “control panel” option in main list. After, choose “uninstall programs” option





For windows XP users:
From desktop, click “start” button at lower left corner, select “control panel” option from main list.
Choose Add or Remove Programs category






Once the all programs are listed, scan all of them and find Maxthon from list. Select it first and click “uninstall” or “uninstall/change” button


Maxthon (7)



Select a reason why you want to unisntall and click “continue” or just click “continue” only



Maxthon (8)



clcik “done” to continue



Maxthon (11)



Do note forgive uninstalling Maxthon App Store

Find Maxthon App Store from lsit and select on it. Click “uninstall” button



Maxthon (6)



click “uninstall” to confirm



Maxthon (9)



Finally, clcik “done” once it has been uninstalled completely



Maxthon (12)


Step two. Remove relevant files and folders

Once a program is uninstalled manually, there mush be some related files and folders are left like some dairies, data folders, text files junk files and its EXE installer files. Thus, you need to locate them and find them on computer, then fully remove all of them to not waste space and to avoid it automatically installed again.

Click on “computer” icon on desktop, put “Maxthon” into search box at the top right corner and search it in “computer”



Maxthon (13)



Delete the files and folders found on results



Maxthon (14)



click “yes”



Maxthon (15)



Then, search another keyword “Maxthon App Store” and delete files and folders found in results.
Step three. Locate and clean registry entries

Note: there will be many values, keys and data left by this application according to the data of actual operation by experts. It is not safe for users to try deleting everyone of them. In this step, using perfect uninstaller will be the best choice since auto tool will be safer and quicker than we do it ourselves.

(if you are afraid of making mistakes, please download Uninstaller to uninstall Maxthon and relevant registry entries easily.)

If you still insist that you can completely delete them one by one, please make sure all of them will be deleted as if there is only one is mistakenly deleted, then it may lead to bad influence of system operation.

To open registry editor:

Click start or windows icon, go to search box and put “regedit” into it, search this keyword. After, a program named “regedit” will appear, click it.





Then the registry editor will pop up on screen. Click “edit” option at toolbar and then select “find” option.

Here, you will get a search box which can search data, stings, keys and values by using keywords.
Put “Maxthon” into it and click “find next” button. The searching process will start, it may takes a few seconds to find related strings.



Maxthon (16)



Once the string is listed for you, right click that target string and click “delete” option


Maxthon (17)



Then it shows a confirm value delete window, just click “yes” to confirm and continue



Maxthon (18)



Go back to “Find” window, click “find next” button agian to find the next one. (You need to repeat this step for many times)



Maxthon (16)


There are more than 20 registry entries stings need to be deleted. Do repeat “Find-delete” step till all of them are deleted and there is not related string is found.

Registry Entries Created by Maxthon:


Do makre sure all strings above are deleted.


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