How to Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus

I am using Win 7 x64 bit operating system and I install Avast Free Antivirus on computer recently. However, it reaches a point whereby it does not update as I set at the beginning. Instead, it lags a lot and to solve this problem, I want to uninstall it normally and re-install it again. But I find that it can not be uninstalled like other programs with windows uninstall program as it does not go through. Thus, I use uninstaller recommended by friend to automatically uninstall it. The problem is that it is still there even after uninstalling and it is right now invisible on the installed programs list anymore. I want to uninstall it again but it does not appear in the Control Panel>Programs and Features pane.


Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus Now



What Is Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is a powerful and free security for you and your family which can be used in many operating systems like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP SP3 with only 512 MB RAM and 2 GB of hard drive space for installation and it is also available for Mac and Android, too. For this reason, you can protect all you device at the same time, such as computer, pad and mobile phone. As a professional security tool, this application is recognized by the most important anti-malware testing institute. Unlike other tools that offer a free version to scan malware and a full version to remove malware and protect computer, this application is forever free but not just free for a day or a month no matter how long you want to use it. With the free security tool, you can protect as many devices as you want to help your friend and family stay secure from being hacked and infected. Easy to use is a common feature that many tools include as there are still many inexperienced users who do not have any computer skill. The easy and advanced feature make it fully customizable that you can make it as simple or complex as you like according to your level. From 1988 to 2016, Avast has over 1,000 professionals around the world, working to outsmart those who try to do harm to people on the internet. The professional team and the world’s largest community of customer make it exceptionally powerful all the time.





This application is easy different kinds of computer user for all ages. Only a simply click can start the smart scan which scan the entire system for checking all important parts of your device and then tell you how to fix them instantly. The full system scan checks for many threats on system, including viruses, browser hijacker, adware, Ransomware and other malware. Besides potential threats, it can also check for outdated software and home network. When you log in a forum or your social account, your password will be secured by this tool. The version contains a sensor which is able to receive a lot of codes. The codes will be sent to its virus lab to determine. Thorough analyzing which code is harmful or safe; you will get a vaccine immediately against the harmful code. The update of daily viruses will be sent to every protected device which has already installed Avast security application. The process is repeated throughout the day, keeping you protected against the newest virus attacks.




The installation of it costs a really long time as it will install many other things to your computer when you choose the full installation. According to the report, the download of it installation file us quick but the installation takes about half an hour as it will add a lot of security suites for protection.




customize install


Usually, from the set up window of a new program, you can select the custom install or customize option to uncheck unwanted third parties from check box.





The additives of it contain safezone browser, safeprice browser extension, browser clean up and many other things. If you directly click on “install” button without checking, then all these third parties will be added to your device.



Cons of Avast Free Antivirus

Avast Free Antivirus is a kind of very popular software all around the world. As it is super famous, there are many users want to try it. When you go to some famous website or its official site, you can see that the download number keeps increasing. But since more and more users choose to download it, more and more cons will be found and reported. Even it claims the space requirement of installation is small, it is true that the install size is getting larger than before. Like many other programs which need to promote other services or products through pop up ads for earning money, this application is reported by the same problem. The free version contains ads pursing your wallet and asking you to rate the product and generally begging you to buy more of their products. Many pop ups try to convince you to purchase the paid version. Apart from its own products, It also tries to promote other things like Premium Service. This annoying pop up can not be closed and you can simply shut off it if you pay for its vertices over and above the cost of the license. To convince you to upgrade the newest version, it will show up a po up window with an annoying sound to ask you to upgrade, even when a new threat is detected.






Furthermore, you may not only get a lot of pop up ads but also some notifications as some complain that the notifications are too much. You even need to register for a new account after one month if you want to keep it. With this program running on system, the computer runs slow as the memory may go to above 3,200 MB or so. Other system errors constantly occur and everything would freeze up. Even it gets larger; it still can be downloaded on computer. But majority users encounter the same trouble that after installing it, the system goes into crash again and again. Some computers keep restarting automatically and sometimes system stops working. The access of LAN – blocked to router is blocked. Once Avast Free Antivirus tries to protect your computer, it takes over all programs on your computer. So, you can not stop it from running or change the schedule or anything important really. You even can not stop it as it does not provide a X or exit button for you.


How to Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus

Many users may get trouble when uninstall Avast Free Antivirus from computer. To help completely uninstall Avast Free Antivirus and delete all traces, this post will provide a professional guide below.

Reminder: Below is a manual removal method which requires certain skills and experiences as it needs to manually delete files, folders and registry entries. The manual removal can be dangerous once you mistakenly delete some crucial data. For your computer safety, please use the auto uninstaller if you are not skillful.


Click Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus Automatically


Below is the manual uninstall guide(Not Recommend)

Step one. Uninstall program with Windows uninstall utility

For window 8/10 users:
Click the lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” option and then continually choose “programs and features” option from list. (or only choose “control panel” if you are under classify view)



For window 7/Vista users:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “start” button and select “control panel” option in main list. After, choose “uninstall programs” option



For windows XP users:
From desktop, click “start” button at lower left corner, select “control panel” option from main list.
Choose Add or Remove Programs category




Once the all programs are listed, scan all of them and find Avast from list. Select it first and click “uninstall” button




Click “uninstall” again




Then the uninstall process will be activated. It will finish in seconds.

Step two. Locate and delete files and folders

Click on “computer” icon on desktop, put “Avast” into search box at the top right corner and search it in “computer”




You need to delete the files and folders found on results.



Select on related details, right click on them and select “delete” to clean them all.




Close this window and more to next step.

Step three. Find and remove registry entries

Click start or windows icon, go to search box and put “regedit” into it, search this keyword. After, a program named “regedit” will appear, click it.



Then the registry editor will pop up on screen. Click “edit” option at toolbar and then select “find” option.



Here, you will get a search box which can search data, stings, keys and values by using keywords. Put Avast into it and click “find next” button. The searching process will start, it may takes a few seconds to find related strings.




Once the string is listed for you, right click that target string and click “delete” option


Then it shows a confirm value delete window, just click “yes” to confirm and continue

Camtasia Studio (14)


Go back to “Find” window, click “find next” button again to find the next one. (You need to repeat this step for many times)


The manual will not take effect if you can not remove all related data completely or improperly delete essential files. Once the manual uninstall fails, the only way to uninstall Avast Free Antivirus fully is to utilize professional uninstaller which can automatically help you delete all unwanted programs.



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