How to Uninstall Camtasia Studio Completely

I had used Camtasia Studio to create a lot of videos and uploaded them to YouTube. However, my computer just got hacked days ago. Even I have totally removed the virus from computer but I still felt like that other programs have been infected or damaged. So, I just tried uninstalling some of them, including Camtasia Studio. And other programs could be removed successfully and completely but this one kept failing after trying a few times. Any help?

Uninstall Camtasia Studio Completely


The Developer of Camtasia Studio

“Founded in 1987, TechSmith Corporation provides practical business and academic software products that can dramatically change how people communicate and collaborate. TechSmith enables users to work more effectively wherever they may be, and ensures that the process of creating, sharing and collaborating around content is simple and intuitive so that others can learn from their knowledge.”


Basic Information about Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is a screen recording suite which provides powerful video recording function for users to create with all of the bells and whistle. It is licensed as Shareware for the Windows operating system / platform from video capture software and can be used as a free trial until the trial period ends (after 30 days). There are two versions that users can download from its official site. One is free version which can be used freely but not for a long time. Another one is the paid version that provides full functions for users. This software features tons of cool effects and gets the basic job of video capture down pretty well. Besides, this software can also record PPT presentation. It is also recommended to gamer as this program is able to record video games as well as capturing screen activities. The newest update of it is Camtasia Studio demo and it is available to all users who can download it freely with potential restrictions and is not necessarily the download of the full version.




Camtasia Studio is not a video recorder only as it can still be utilized to edit the videos that users have just taken on screen. Then, the mistakes or patch can be easily cut in new footage. Every frame in the videos is controlled by users with the editing timeline. Users is capable of editing all frames and once users do not like the new changes, they find still find the original one as Camtasia Studio has totally saved. Once the video is done, it can be save to be many kinds of formats, including MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, etc. If users want it to be shared with others, they can add the recordings to organization’s LMS or Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. What is more, the recording can be shared on famous videos websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and more.

Why do I Fail to Uninstall Camtasia Studio?

There are many reasons that you may get troubles to uninstall Camtasia Studio. No matter which part of the uninstalling gets trouble, it results to failure. The most obvious reason can be that some relevant file or data is cracked or damaged. To be more detailed, the files and data included in its build-in uninstaller folder are damaged or cracked, then it influences the build-in uninstalling. Furthermore, it affects the windows uninstaller, too. If the build-in uninstaller fails, the windows uninstall utility will not success to uninstall it as the cracked files will influence it at the same time.


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Perfect Uninstaller is a uninstall utility which helps to uninstall stubborn and unwanted programs. When it comes to uninstall stubborn programs — and particularly malicious programs — numerous uninstallers will require users to pay for the full version if they want to uninstall programs fully. You just do not need to paid version if you use Perfect Uninstaller as the free version also can be used to uninstall Camtasia Studio if users only want to uninstall its program and then clear leftovers manually. If you have tried and failed or never got this program uninstalled, just try Perfect uninstaller which will never let you down.


Uninstall Camtasia Studio by Using Perfect Uninstaller

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Follow the install steps one by one. The install steps will takes a few seconds as it shows many details and settings for you to choose. For your computer safety, do read the terms of use carefully.

Once the installation is completed, run Uninstaller, it scans the entire computer and lists all installed programs for you to manage. Scan all of them and find Camtasia Studio in list.

Select on Camtasia Studio and click “uninstall” option

Follow the uninstall steps with a few clicks till it is completed.

Note, the normal uninstall can jsut uninstall regular programs which do not leave malicious leftovers. If you want to completely uninstall it, please use “force uninstall” and get the paid version.


If you want to uninstall Camtasia Studio manually, just follow the manual removal guide below step by step carefully. Do note that the manual removal is not as safe as using auto uninstaller.


How to Uninstall Camtasia Studio Completely

Main steps:
Step one. Locate files and folders location
Step two. Uninstall program by using windows uninstall utility
Step three. Search and delete relevant folders
Step four. Delete associated registry entries

Step one. Locate files and folders location
Find Camtasia Studio icon on desktop, right click on it and then select “open files location” option


As a result, you will be redirected to its location folder. After, click “program files” option above.



After that, you can get the main location of this program which names its folder with its developer’s name “techsmith”. Besides, there will be another folder named “QuickTime” which is one of its folders.





If you want more details to ensure, just right click this folder and choose “properties”





Check the detailed information about this folder





Once it is cleat that this folder is the one you are looking for. Do copy the folder’s names “techsmith” and “QuickTime”. You will need it in the next steps.




Step two. Uninstall program by using windows uninstall utility

To open windows add/remove utility from different operating system:

For window 8/10 users:
Click the lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” option and then continually choose “programs and features” option from list. (or only choose “control panel” if you are under classify view)




For window 7/Vista users:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “start” button and select “control panel” option in main list. After, choose “uninstall programs” option



For windows XP users:
From desktop, click “start” button at lower left corner, select “control panel” option from main list.
Choose Add or Remove Programs category




Once the all programs are listed, scan all of them and find Camtasia Studio from list. Select it first and click “uninstall” button




Click “yes” to continue




If you get the “users account control” window, click “yes” to go on





Click “yes” again on the confirmation window





Sometimes it will automatically open its official website once you uninstall its program, just close it.





Step three. Search and delete relevant folders
Click on “computer” icon on desktop, put Camtasia Studio into search box at the top right corner and search it in “computer”





Delete the files and folders found on results


Do not forgive that you have copy two related files and folders names which are “techsmith” and “QuickTime”. Just search these two keywords one by one and delete the related data completely.





As this step is finished, move to the next step.

Step four. Delete associated registry entries
To delete registry entries, you need to open the registry editor. Before that, you should make sure you have the ability and experience to manage registry on computer for it is quite dangerous for inexperienced users to delete registry entries on registry editor. Once any mistaken deletion happens, it may lead to system crack and other system loopholes.

(if you are afraid of making mistakes, please download Uninstaller and uninstall Camtasia Studio easily.)

To open registry editor:

Click start or windows icon, go to search box and put “regedit” into it, search this keyword. After, a program named “regedit” will appear, click it.



Then the registry editor will pop up on screen. Click “edit” option at toolbar and then select “find” option.

Here, you will get a search box which can search data, stings, keys and values by using keywords.
Put Camtasia Studio into it and click “find next” button. The searching process will start, it may takes a few seconds to find related strings.




Once the string is listed for you, right click that target string and click “delete” option



Then it shows a confirm value delete window, just click “yes” to confirm and continue


There must be more than one related string that left on computer. Once you delete the first one of them, go back to “find” window and click “find next” again. The following strings are the values that you need to delete which will be found once you keep searching it.




Keep repeating the “find-delete” step till there is no relevant string listed in results.


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Uninstall Camtasia Studio Completely


If you fail to uninstall stubborn program from computer, you are recommended to use Perfect Uninstaller which can forcibly uninstall all kinds of programs on your computer. The free version is functional of deleting regular programs which will not leave any trace once they are removed and the “force uninstall” is used for uninstalling aggressive and stubborn programs which are difficult to remove or even can not be removed by using windows add/remove utility.