How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner Easily

Are you encounter the following situations?

Can not completely uninstall MPC Cleaner
Error massage after improper uninstall
System gets stuck due to some mistakes deletion
MPC Cleaner is still running after uninstall from control panel
Computer gets weird after MPC Cleaner uninstall process

Click to uninstall MPC Cleaner forcibly and completely. Clean all leftovers with simple clicks


What is MPC Cleaner

MPC Cleaner is a software which is developed by DotCash Limited Inc. It is claimed to be the world fastest and highest PC cleaner, aiming at speeding up computer performance and improving the internet experience. With the basic technology called SmartBalance which is able to auto balance the usage of programs installed on PC system. Just like other cleaners, MPC Cleaner helps to manage all installed programs on computer and once users decide which one to uninstall, they can use this cleaner to clean all related traces easily. According to its official statement, it can also protect browsers, homepage and search engine against risky changes and block dangerous websites in real time.mpc-cleaner


There are just two purposes that this cleaner want to achieve for computer users: to speed up and clean up the entire system. Besides potential unwanted programs or adware that comes with other programs, this cleaner also has the ability to remove malicious plug-ins that installed in web browsers. Just like what it claims to be, it does make sense to improve computer performance and clean junk files and unnecessary programs for computer users. However, there are still some users want to uninstall it completely from computer for some reasons:

High CPU usage:
Always remember that once a program runs on system, it takes up some system resources more or less. Some programs will not need much system resources to run, but as more and more programs run on computer, the CPU usage will up to high, making computer performance get poor and slow. If you are one of users who do not need this cleaner and get annoyed that it takes to much CPU, then you can uninstall MPC Cleaner completely.



Potential unwanted program:
If the cleaner is not what you want, uninstall it. It what users hate that a third party program comes along with other software without asking. You may currently download a favorite game, a new movie or a useful software that you just want, however, you may just find that what you get from the website is not just the thing you want, there is still an additional appears. MPC Cleaner just suddenly install but it will not just magically show up. The reason why you get this cleaner on computer is because you do not stop it. It is in the bundle box which attaches to other installers.

The installation of MPC Cleaner

Does MPC Cleaner brings other similar program to your computer? Any MPCadcleaner or something else? Actually, when you find additional program, you must blame yourself first for the reason that you are the one who agree them to install. Usually, you should check the bundle box at the beginning once you decide to install a program. Take MPC Cleaner as an example, when you activate its installation, click to drop down the custom install options. Here, it lists some additional items which you can check or uncheck them. However, they are selected to install by default at the beginning. Under the situation that you do not check this, you will agree them to install by default. Thus, choosing the custom install will be safer and cleaner if you do not want any other additive.


Instead of letting this unwanted program stay on computer, uninstall MPC Cleaner fully will be better if you do not need it anymore. Uninstall it completely so that you can spare some space for other windows software.


How to Uninstall MPC Cleaner Easily

The manual removal guide is not recommended to unskilled computer users on condition that users are able to manage registry editor and delete registry entries safely. A professional uninstaller is provided if you are not an experienced user.


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Before you start uninstalling program by following the manual removal, do note that it takes some risks once you are not skillful.

Manually Uninstall MPC Cleaner from Computer

Main steps:
Step one. Uninstall MPC Cleaner with included uninstaller
Step two. Delete related traces

Step one. Uninstall MPC Cleaner with included uninstaller
MPC Cleaner has an included uninstaller itself, but it is not easy to find the exact file if you do not know the way to find it. Some users may complain that they are not able to uninstall MPC Cleaner through add/remove applet (control panel), the reason might be that even this cleaner has a build-in uninstaller, but it just prevent you to do this. Thus, you need to locate the uninstaller through task manager.

Press these three keys together:
“Ctrl” “Alt” and “delete”
Then task manager will automatically pop up

Find the running processes relate to MPC Cleanermpc-cleaner-1

Usually, there will be more than one relevant processes are running on computer. Select on one of them, right click it and choose “open file location” optionmpc-cleaner-3

As a result, you will be redirected to the location of MPC Cleaner. Check all the files listed, find a folder named “adcengine” or something relates to “Adc”. The included uninstaller of MPC Cleaner named “Adcuninstall”, it is a exe file which means that it can be run on system as a program. Find “Adcuninstall” and click it to activate the uninstall process.mpc-cleaner-4

As this uninstaller file is clicked, the uninstall process will startmpc-cleaner-5

Once the uninstall window pops up, click “uninstall” button to continue


After, follow the uninstall wizard step by step. It will take a few minutes


Note: there will be more than one “uninstall” exe file in this folder, do check all of them one by one and once any other uninstaller file is found, click it to uninstall other related programs.mpc-cleaner-8

If you get an error window warning that the process can not start because XBus.dll file is missing. Just click “X” to close the error pop up window and go to the next step.mpc-cleaner-9

Once all the uninstall files are clicked, close files window and go back to task manager, find another relevant process which is still running on system. The same, right click on this process and then select “locate file location”mpc-cleaner-10

Go to the location of this process and find “uninstaller” exe file in this foldermpc-cleaner-11

Click “uninstaller” exe file to activate uninstall and then select “uninstall” button in the new windowmpc-cleaner-12

Select an reason why we want to remove it or just leave it blank. Click “uninstall” button to go onmpc-cleaner-13

As the uninstall is started, follow the uninstalling process. Usually, the process will take a few seconds to complete.mpc-cleaner-14

Check task manager, if there is any related process is running, repeat to uninstall them by opening file location and click uninstaller file. Repeat “find-uninstall” step till there is nothing process relates to MPC Cleaner is running on computer.

The basic uninstall of a program is to remove it through control panel or use its build-in uninstaller to remove the entire program. However, some stubborn software will be fail to do so. In this situation, you need a professional uninstaller to uninstall MPC Cleaner forcibly.mpc-cleaner-14


Step two. Delete related traces

First, delete related files and folders from computer

Open computer on desktop, then put MPC Cleaner into search box at the top right corner of the window to search its related data in computerclean-trace-3

In fact, there are more than two hundred files and folders are found which will be left on computer once we only uninstall its program and do nothing.


Thus, as these related files and folders are found, select on all of them and choose to delete them

Right click them and select “delete” option and then click “yes” to confirm and continue

It is not enough once we only delete files and folders as it will left some registry entries and other trace.

Then, go to registry editor to manage registry entries.

Click start or windows icon at the lower left corner, put “regedit” into search box and then search it.


Click regedit program on search result

Go to registry editor. Click “edit” and then “find”. Put MPC Cleaner into search box and click “find next”clean-trace-5

As the related string is found, select on it, right click and choose “delete” optionclean-trace-6

click “yes” to confirm and continue


There mush be more than one string relates to this program. Thus, we should repeat the “find-delete” step till nothing related is found in the end.


Note: do make sure you have fully deleted all related files, programs, folders and registry entries. If there is any related thing is left, it may lead to system error and other troubles.


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