How to Uninstall MyPC Backup

It would be very disappointed when those tools which stated useful turned out to be useless and even unnecessary. I just had one. I somehow downloaded MyPC Backup from the internet when I installed a download manager. I did not try to uninstall it at the beginning, actually as I though it might be useful. But, the fact was that this application did not work well as good as it claimed. The worst thing was that it could not be uninstalled from computer as I could find many leftovers every now and then when I checked the data on computer.

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What is MyPC Backup?

MyPC Backup is a online backup program that offers data back up function for Windows, IPhone, iPad, MAC OS, Android tablet and Android systems. Every users can create an account to store the data you want and every backup account comes with all the features you need once you want your files to be protected. Since this application is easy to use, it is good for unskilled uses to back up files they want as simple as dragging and dropping the desired documents into the control panel of the MyPCBackup desktop app.





Your daily back up and changes can be automatically saved and updated or backup any new files added. No matter how frequently you want to back up information, only several clicks can set the schedule. To start it, you only need to hourly backups or select specific days you want MyPCBackup to run on and then click “Start Backup” button on the main screen of the desktop app to make sure the changes or new updates have been saved. As the target files and data are selected to back up, you do not need to do anything else but continue doing whatever you want since this application will run in the background. There is one thing which need to be notice that it may take some time when the first time you upload files. And once the apposed and other changes are saved at the beginning, it will be quickly for you to save after.


MyPC Backup (1)



With a professional an useful back up application, you will never lose data again from a hard drive crash, theft or accidental deletion as you can schedule your backups to ensure you never leave any data behind. With the help bank grade encryption technology, it makes you be able to backup all your computer files securely online. The uploaded files are super easy to view, share and download your files from your mobile device or computer. Besides offering back up function, this back up provide do more than only back up your information but still offer a safety net for your files by giving you the opportunity to share you files simply and safely, regardless of size. For phone users, it still offers full synchronization for all of your devices, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As it it mentioned above, it is easy to use, so that all users at different levels can use it. Its website are simple to navigate and utilize.

The Payment Plans of MyPC Backup

Once you get the paid version, it offers a personal unlimited plan at a very reasonable price for you when you had large amounts of information to back up. With this plan, you’re able to back up as many documents, photos, videos, and other files as you need while paying the same flat fee. There are also 75GB and 250GB storage plans available as well, which is a good fit if you have smaller online storage needs.




The Reason Why Users Want to Uninstall MyPC Backup

Even though this is a legitimate online backup program that uses a small desktop application to backup all of your computers to the cloud, it makes users unsatisfied by doing some nasty activities. The first thing is the installation of is. This application is typically added when you install another free software like video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators through bundle box. Attaching to other software is a nasty way used by adware and PUPs to get installed on target computer. Usually, users may not notice the download of it and they will get angry once they find the the potential unwanted program running in the background or adware showing random pop up ads. And that is the reason why most of users assume that MyPC Backup is a virus.





What is more, most users complain that the file size limit is a big restriction. As we all known, some high quality videos are very large and the limitation will be troubling for business users and even personal users who have a lot of video files that need to be backed up. “The basic MyPCBackup plans give you a designated amount of storage space and the ability to back up a single computer. If you have two or more computers you’d like to back up, though, you need to purchase extra licenses.“ Even it states that the files and data users upload to back up will be protected, the files and data are not safe at all sine there is no complete guarantee if the data is safe. In fact, MyPCBackup will save the data on Google cloud platform which means it also gives an open door policy to the NSA. It is extremely difficult to pin down the source of hacking attack once there is no protection.

The immediate effect of nasty installation, size limitation and high price may be to increase user’s satisfaction. Thus, it is not surprising that many users want to uninstall it completely. However, we have receive some complain from users that this application it not easy to remove. So, we provide the professional removal guide below to help.


How to Uninstall MyPC Backup

Note:the manual removal guide below is not safe for inexperienced users to try as it contain some complicated and difficult steps, such deleting malicious files and folders, locating registry entries and editing values. Thus, you can download the free uninstaller below to uninstall MyPC Backup completely from computer.



Download Uninstaller for MyPC Backup


This Uninstaller is an effective uninstaller which has captured much of the territory of computer and is now responsible for many computer users around the world. It helps to uninstall unwanted and malicious programs like potential unwanted programs, adware and risky software that might threaten your computer. No matter how aggressive and stubborn the program is, you can uninstall it completely through “force uninstall”. If you only want to uninstall program, then you can use the free version to do it. However, you can experience the full functions as back up, registry clean and system clean after buying the full version.


Uninstall MyPCBackup by Using Perfect Uninstaller

Click the download button below to download Professional Uninstaller

Download Uninstaller


Follow the install steps one by one. The install steps will takes a few seconds as it shows many details and settings for you to choose. For your computer safety, do read the terms of use carefully.

Once the installation is completed, run Perfect Uninstaller, it scans the entire computer and lists all installed programs for you to manage. Scan all of them and find MyPCBackup in list.

Self-Help Manual Removal Guide

Main steps:
Step one. Uninstall MyPC Backup program with Windows uninstall utility
Step two. Locate and delete MyPC Backup files and folders
Step three. Find and remove MyPC Backup registry entries


Step one. Uninstall MyPC Backup program with Windows uninstall utility


Windows uninstall utility is a computer build-in function which used to uninstall programs, and most users like to call it control panel. This is a basic function provided for users to manage and remove programs from computer. To open add/remove programs window from different operating systems:

For window 8/10 users:
Click the lower left corner from desktop, select “control panel” option and then continually choose “programs and features” option from list. (or only choose “control panel” if you are under classify view)





For window 7/Vista users:
From the lower left corner of desktop, click “start” button and select “control panel” option in main list. After, choose “uninstall programs” option



For windows XP users:
From desktop, click “start” button at lower left corner, select “control panel” option from main list.
Choose Add or Remove Programs category





Once the all programs are listed, scan all of them and find MyPCBackup from list. Select it first and click “uninstall” button




Click “yes” to continue


MyPC Backup (5)
Step two. Locate and delete MyPC Backup files and folders

Once a program is uninstalled manually, there mush be some related files and folders are left like some dairies, data folders, text files junk files and its EXE installer files. Thus, you need to locate them and find them on computer, then fully remove all of them to not waste space and to avoid it automatically installed again.

Click on “computer” icon on desktop, put “MyPCBackup” into search box at the top right corner and search it in “computer”


MyPC Backup (10)



Delete the files and folders found on results


MyPC Backup (8)


click “yes” to confirm the deletion


MyPC Backup (9)
Step three. Find and remove MyPC Backup registry entries

Besides files and folders, third party programs will also leave some registry entries on computer after its program is uninstalled. You must take this seriously as the registry is an important part of computer. If you do not want any troubles or issue happen, just make sure the malicious registry entries are completely clean.

(if you are afraid of making mistakes, please download Professional Uninstaller and uninstall MyPCBackup easily.)

To open registry editor:

Click start or windows icon, go to search box and put “regedit” into it, search this keyword. After, a program named “regedit” will appear, click it.



Then the registry editor will pop up on screen. Click “edit” option at toolbar and then select “find” option.

Here, you will get a search box which can search data, stings, keys and values by using keywords.
Put MyPCBackup into it and click “find next” button. The searching process will start, it may takes a few seconds to find related strings.


MyPC Backup (6)

Once the string is listed for you, right click that target string and click “delete” option


MyPC Backup (7)


Uninstalling the Desktop App on Mac OS X
1.Quit the MyPCBackup application
2.Drag & Drop the MyPCBackup application to the trash

Can not Uninstall MyPCBackup?

Still get annoyed by MyPCBackup and want to totally uninstall it? Download Perfect Uninstaller! The force uninstall function is capable of uninstalling all kinds of stubborn programs forcibly. The unwanted software that you can not removed manually will be uninstalled in seconds once you run Perfect Uninstaller! And we provide more functions like ending process and system management.


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