How to Uninstall SPC Optimizer Fully

I got SPC Optimizer on computer after downloading new flash player update file. Tried to uninstall it but can not completely delete all things completely as it still hided on system even after uninstalling from control panel. I did not want to keep it as it always scanned my computer automatically and warned me that I need to clean some junk files and end some processes. It was super annoying and will distract my attention when I was working. Any one knows how to fully uninstall this program and clean all data? How can I forcibly uninstall it?


Uninstall SPC Optimizer Completely



SPC Optimizer Information

SPC Optimizer is a useful tool for optimizing your operating system when you notice the system has been running slower and slower. This free PC optimizer is said to be able to enhance your computer system by totally scanning the entire system and find out which junk files and unnecessary processes should be removed. With the running of this program, you can scan and dump system junk files left by improper uninstalling, temp files and duplicate files from computer to spare computer space and improve performance. This tool will lay our all of its performance pieces in guided categories like system tools, files tools and security tools. Sometimes the scan of it will be very slow as there might be a lot of files stored on your computer and it need to scan them one by one. After the scan, it gives a complete list of detected items and you can choose which one to optimize according to your need. With it help, you can wipe the disk space clean automatically with several clicks. Like many other tools, this optimizer claims to be able to help you, but many users find it is not as good as it advertise because sometimes it will show some random pop up ads to force you to click on these ads. As a result, you will be redirected to other websites or download some unwanted programs automatically. However, this tool is tested by some computer experts and they find that this program does detect browser cookies, internet files and temp files on computer. But the most wired thing is that the scan results offered by it are all the same. No matter how many times you try to scan, the results are not different.





A sit keeps showing random pop up ads on screen al the time, it is regarded as adware or ads-supported program by victims. Many users would complain about the pop up ad as what uses need is a clean and fast computer system, not a slow computer with many ads. The ads showed by this program may link to other websites and most of these websites could be its partners’ web sites which promote other programs. The final goal of it is to trick you into clicking on them. The clicking of these ads will make you be forced to visit other websites or download third parties on computer. What is more important is that the pop up ads seem like contain some tech support scams that it ties to lock you out of your computer until you call a listed tech support for help. Calling the number will need to pay and the tech support is not free, too. To be more detailed, what it really wants is your money. For this reason, many users report that this is a kind of potentially unwanted program as it does no good to your computer but want to steal your money only by cheating or showing you fake alerts.


Please do not be hesitated to remove SPC Optimizer once you realize that it is unnecessary and it starts doing harm to your computer. You should not keep this program on computer as it is not as useful as it claims. Majority users choose to uninstall it after downloading it. Even most users download this program accidentally when they are downloading third parties and this tool adds to computer like an additional bundle. To completely get rid of SPC Optimizer, you can follow the manual guide below in this post.



How to Uninstall SPC Optimizer Fully


Note: Below is a manual uninstall guide which requires removal skill as it requires you to uninstall related program and delete related files, folders and registry entries all by yourself. It will be dangerous if you are not experienced with managing system registry. Please uninstall SPC Optimizer automatically by using professional uninstallers for computer safety.


Click to Uninstall SPC Optimizer

Manually Uninstall SPC Optimizer

The manual uninstall is not safe. If you are not familiar with uninstalling program and cleaning traces, you are not recommended to follow the manual uninstall guide below. Any mistaken deletion of files and registry will lead to system damages. if you are not skillful, please download uninstaller above to delete SPC Optimizer fully.


Step one. Uninstall SlimCleaner application from system

For Windows 10 system

Click windows icon and search “uninstall”. Then go to control panel. Simply open the Windows® search bar and search for “Apps & Features”. Or you can just search for the word “Uninstall”.




For Windows 8 system

Pressing the Windows key and go to Metro interface, right click on the SlimCleaner Plus icon and select “Uninstall”



For Windows 7 system

Click Start icon from lower left corner, then select “control panel”




Once the program manager is opened, select “uninstall a program” under “programs” section




For Windows XP system

Click Start icon from desktop, select “control panel”





Go to windows program manager and select “Add or Remove Programs”.




For Windows Vista system

Click Windows icon at lower left corner and select “control panel” from list.



Select “programs” from features windows





Find SPC Optimizer from list and uninstall it.

Step two. Search and delete related files and folders


Click on “computer” icon on desktop, put “SlimCleaner” into search box at the top right corner and search it in “computer”


Delete the files and folders found on results



Select on all items in search result and click “delete” option to delete them.



Click “yes” from the new window. to confirm the deletion.

Step three. Locate and remove associated registry entries

Click start or windows icon, go to search box and put “regedit” into it, search this keyword. After, a program named “regedit” will appear, click it.regedit

Then the registry editor will pop up on screen. Click “edit” option at toolbar and then select “find” option.



Here, you will get a search box which can search data, stings, keys and values by using keywords.
Put “SlimCleaner” into it and click “find next” button. The searching process will start, it may takes a few seconds to find related strings.

find-registryOnce the string is listed for you, right click that target string and click “delete” option

Go back to “Find” window, click “find next” button agian to find the next one. (You need to repeat this step for manu times)

find-registryDelete all found strings. Do makre sure all strings above are deleted.


Once all the steps above are completed, restart your computer.



If the manual uninstall method can not help you completely delete SPC Optimizer from computer, you should try using uninstaller as the manual removal sometimes does not take effect on uninstalling stubborn programs like this.


Uninstall SPC Optimizer Now!